Cancelled: Secret Woods chili cookoff

UPDATE: The chili cook-off was cancelled on Oct. 14 due to lack of participation.
Earlier post: The annual Secret Woods chili cookoff will be Saturday, October 15th. For all the neighborhood news read this month’s board minutes.

DATE OF MEETING:  September 12, 2016
LOCATION:  3125 Chapelwood Lane
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  David Theus, Katherine Frazier, Sharon Snow, Mike Byrd, Aaron Ward
 NEIGHBORS PRESENT:  Byron DeLong, Marianne Pophal, David Hargnett, Bob Barrington
Meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.  The minutes from the August 2016 board meeting were accepted as written.  Approval of the financial statement was waived until next meeting when Mark Wnuk will be present.
FALL CHILI COOK-OFF:   The date of Saturday, October 15th was selected, and the chairman of the event is Pam Miles.  A Save-The-Date will be posted on the bulletin board, with final details confirmed at the October meeting.
 TENNIS COURT EROSION: Mike Byrd will contact the contractor who repaired this erosion issue two years ago to get recommendations on how to correct the problem permanently.  Mike will also gather other bids and report his findings at the October meeting.
 ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE:  David Hagnett and Bob Barrington reported their findings on an extensive backyard renovation project.  More discussion with the homeowner will be needed before the board will approve the request.
CITY WORKSHOP:  The city is hosting a workshop on neighborhood and condo HOA’s and David Theus, Sharon Snow, and Mike Byrd will attend.
 NEW CUSHIONS FOR POOL CHAIRS:  The fabric on the pool cushions has worn thin and needs to be replaced.  Sharon Snow got an estimate of approximately $400 to replace the cushions.  The board posted the discussion and expenditure until February closer to the beginning of pool season.
 POOL HOUSE WATER FOUNTAIN:  The button to turn on the water at the fountain sticks and the water remains in the “on” position.  Mike Byrd will see if he can fix it, and if not he will call a plumber.
POOL KEYS:  Wayne Williams only has a few keys left and will need a new supply.  The board postponed the vote on the expenditure of $150 until our October meeting when Mark Wnuk will be present.
LOT CONCERNS:  There are several lot concerns and personal visits from board members or letters from the board will be sent to address the issues.
 Monday, October 3, 2016 (6:30pm – 7:30pm)
3125 Chapelwood Lane
Meeting was adjourned at 7:25pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Katherine Frazier
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