Board looks at repairing front tennis court erosion

Pool pump, tennis court and water fountain repairs are among the issues being addressed for the new year.

Get the details in the January minutes.


DATE OF MEETING: Monday, January 9 th , 2017

LOCATION: 3125 Chapelwood Lane

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: David Theus, Katherine Frazier, Sharon Snow, Mike Byrd, Mark Wnuk

NEIGHBORS PRESENT: Byron DeLong, Laurie Flynn

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. Mark Wnuk read the financial statement showing three additional expenses in December. Storm recovery fee and valve replacement for the pool, and the shared cost of the fence replacement on one side of the pool area.


FENCE AND TENNIS COURT REPORTS: Tom Wooten completed these repairs in December.

TENNIS COURT EROSION: Mike Byrd has contacted the contractor who repaired this erosion issue two years ago to get recommendations on how to correct the problem permanently. We are waiting for the contractor’s bid to move forward with this issue. Due to budget constraints the court erosion repair will be postponed for one month.

POOL HOUSE WATER FOUNTAIN: The fountain has been shipped and ready to be installed. Mike and David will handle the installation.


ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE: The architectural committee has approved pavers being laid in the

Hargnett’s drive way.

POOL PUMP ENCLOSURE REPAIR: The pump house enclosure cover needs major repair with the possibility ofreplacing the hinges and surrounding fiberglass. Laurie and Dan Flynn have volunteered to remove the cover, lay plastic as a temporary cover, and take the Vax-Pac cover to T & T Fiberglass to be repaired. The board approvedup to $1,000 expenditure for this repair project. A huge thank-you from the board to the Flynn’s for undertaking this repair issue.

ANNUAL DUES NOTICE: Dues were voted to remain at $350/annually. The collection letter will be sent in March.

LETTER TO MAYOR: After the hurricane, David Theus contacted the mayor’s office on behalf of our neighborswho live along the wooded area that backs up to Pottsburg Creek. Debris has blocked the natural flow of the creek and causing flooding. As nothing was done by the city to clean up this area, David will once again contact the mayor’s office.

ENTRANCE ISLANDS: The board sends their grateful thank-you to Marianne Pophel who has resigned from maintaining our main entrance. We are looking for a replacement and ask that anyone who is interested to contact David Theus.


LOT CONCERNS: Several lots in the neighborhood need attention, and letters regarding these concerns were mailed to the homeowners.


Monday, February 6 th , 2017 (6:30pm – 7:30pm)

3125 Chapelwood Lane

Meeting was adjourned at 7:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Katherine Frazier

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