Board looks at ways to keep up neighborhood’s appearance

frontentranceThe Secret Woods board is looking for a volunteer to help maintain the neighborhood island entrances. The board is also looking at whether to fine some homeowners for neighborhood violations. These and other items are in the February minutes.


DATE OF MEETING: Monday, February 7th , 2017

LOCATION: 3125 Chapelwood Lane

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: David Theus, Katherine Frazier, Sharon Snow, Mike Byrd, Mark Wnuk

NEIGHBORS PRESENT: Byron DeLong, David Hargnett

Meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. Mark Wnuk read the financial statement and it was accepted as written.


POOL PUMP ENCLOSURE REPAIR: This project is headed by Laurie Flynn and an update is expected at next month’s meeting.

TENNIS COURT EROSION: The contractor has failed to respond to any notifications from Mike Byrd. Mike will continue to pursue and have a report next month.

LETTER TO MAYOR: Another letter was sent to the Mayor’s office regarding the clean up along the waterways behind some homes in Secret Woods. No response at this time. Other avenues were discussed, and further letters will be sent.

ENTRANCE ISLANDS: The board is still in need of someone to handle the front entrance island. Several neighbors have been approached; more discussion next month.


FINE COMMITTEE: Several violations of our neighborhood restrictions have not been addressed after in-person requests and letters sent. The board has proposed the next step is to send the fine letter of which the wording was discussed and will be approved next month.

HOUSE PAINTS: Discussion on how to emphasize to neighbors on the need to submit exterior paint colors to the board for approval before house or trim is painted.

ANNUAL DUES NOTICE: The annual dues letter will be mailed March 1 st . No increase in the annual dues.

DATE OF ANNUAL MEETING: Monday, May 1 st is the date of our annual meeting which will be held at Southpoint Baptist Church, beginning at 7:00pm.


LOT CONCERNS: Several additional lot concerns, mostly regarding fencing, were discussed, and letters will be sent next month if no improvements have been made.


Monday, March 6, 2017 (6:30pm – 7:30 pm)

3125 Chapelwood Lane

Meeting was adjourned at 7:09pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Katherine Frazier

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