Board looks at removing up to 7 trees in front of neighborhood


The Secret Woods Board is discussing removing up to 7 “problem” trees near the main entrance, some of which the board says are causing structural issues with the tennis court.

For the details on this and other neighborhood news read the September minutes. 

September 11, 2018 Secret Woods Board Minutes
1. Certify Quorum
2. Sharon Snow, Mark Wnuk, Garry Bassett, David Theus, Byron DeLong, Kathryn Williams, Mike Byrd, David
3. Approval of Previous Minutes Annual Meeting– (August 7, 2017)
4. Consent Agenda:
5. Financials
A. Report: Mark. Discussion if needed.
6. Old Business
A. Tennis Court: Mike & David. Work was completed and inspected by Mike and David.

B. Annual Dues: David, update. A Lien has been placed on the property.

C. Landscaping: Projects & Estimates report.

We need to prioritize and start work. Discussion. Mike B. motioned and 2nded by Sharon S. on following: $1,625 was approved as a cap to the Priority level 1 project which will level dirt mound at main entrance to improve drainage along with removal two small trees and two damaged fence sections. $3,800 was approved as a cap to the Priority level 2 project which includes removal of up to 7 “problem” trees near main entrance, some of which are causing structural issues with tennis court.

Mike B. motioned 2nded by Aaron W. on following: Priority level 3 project approved which includes adding approx. 20 feet of ¾” pipe and one irrigation head at main entrance where irrigation is currently needed and unavailable. No cost cap was put in place however work and materials estimated to be about $150.

Sharon S. motioned 2nded by Mike B. on following: Approval of Priority level 4 project which would include replacement of two sections of fence removed in Priority level 1 project at main entrance. Cost estimated at $200 based on previous replacement work done.

Priority level 5 through 9 projects tabled for further research and discussion.

D. Neighborhood Facebook: Laura & David. Laura is setting up this site. Good participation and info sharing during storm.

E. Hurricane Damage Update: David & Erin. Residents on the back street located along the creek have received letters concerning up coming procedures. Discussion.
7. New Business
A. Fine Committee: Situation was resolved. Thank you committee for your help.

B. New Signs: Kathy. We need to post signs in front of our pool and basketball court. “No Tresspassing” and Residents Only”. Discussion. Approximate cost of $179 for 2 signs. Motion to approve did not pass. Amended motion was made for only one sign. Also, did not pass. Will be revisited if needed at a meeting later in the year.

C. Plumbing Problems: David. The pipes from the street to the pool pumps need to be replaced. Discussion.

Garry B. motioned 2nded by Kathryn W. to approve up to $400 to replace pipes. Passed.
D. Architectural Committee. No new business at this time.

8. Miscellaneous and Lot Concerns

A. Lot Concerns: No action at this time by board on two incidents.

B. Items from Board Members: These will be placed on next months’ agenda.

9. Next Meeting

Date: Monday October 9, 6:30 pm

Where : David’s’ unless there is a volunteer.

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