New pipes will be installed for the neighborhood pool

Secret Woods pollNew pipes will be installed from the street to the pool pumps. Get a round up of the news here in Secret Woods in the October minutes.

Minutes of Secret Woods Board Meeting, Oct. 9, 2017

1. Certify Quorum

David T. Byron D. Mark W. Aaron W. Gary B. Mike B. Sharon S. David H. Lori F. & new neighbors Julie and Kishwa

2. Call to Order

3. Approval of Previous Minutes Annual Meeting– (September 18, 2017)

4. Consent Agenda:

5. Financials

A. Report: Mark. Discussion if needed.

6. Old Business

A. Plumbing Problems: David. I have contacted Hulihan to start the install of new pipes from the street to the pool pumps. Discussion. Will proceed with repair

B. Landscaping: Projects & Estimates report. Continued discussion. The $3,800 cap for Priority Level 2 project stands and will be completed as soon as contractor can perform.

C. Lot Concerns: I contacted the owners about the two situations from last month.

D. Hurricane Damage Update: David & Erin. Discussion. Want to keep crews onsite working after interruption

7. New Business

A. Luminaries. We need to order the materials and set the date. David will map out the houses. I have already completed the plastic bags. Discussion Luminary night set as Saturday December 16th. Judging for decorations will take place on 16th. Board will meet on Saturday December 9th to prepare luminaries.

B. Award Committee. We need three judges to complete this task the night of the Luminaries. Judges will be Aaron W. Julie (new neighbor) and Kathryn W.

C. New Neighbors. Lots 63 and 69 have new residents who have already moved in. Welcome

D. Architectural Committee. No new business at this time.

E. Legal Council: David. Need funds to consult with our Attorney. Discussion Consultation will cover legal advice as it relates to board concerns and current issues.

F. Call Police for Disturbances: We need to inform residents to call the Police every time there is a disturbance in our neighborhood. Whether it is a loud party at a house or unauthorized people at the pool facility. Discussion. All neighbors are urged to CALL JSO for any type of disturbance.

G. A BIG Thank You to Bill Bortzfield: I encourage everyone to view the Secret Woods website that Bill maintains. It is FANTASTIC. The information, updates, storm information, pictures, and so many other things that he incorporates into this site takes a lot of his time and effort. Bill we really owe you a debt of gratitude for your marvelous contribution to all your neighbors. A sincere THANK YOU!!!!!

8. Miscellaneous and Lot Concerns

A. Lot Concerns: Several letters had to be sent to several residents. I have confidence they will help us out.

B. Items from Board Members: These will be placed on next months’ agenda.
9. Next Meeting

Date: Monday November 6, 6:30 pm Approved

Where : David’s’ unless there is a volunteer.

10. Guest Forum

Please wait one more week and contact David for items you would like to discuss and/or add to next month’s agenda. Thank You.

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