Volunteers needed: Several board terms are expiring soon

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Three board terms are expiring soon, including that of the president. The current board asks that neighbors consider volunteering for the good of the neighborhood. Plus: Get the latest on the landscaping at the front of the neighborhood in this month’s board minutes.

Board Meeting – Monday, February 12, 2018, Time: 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Host: David Theus, 3125 Chapelwood Lane

Working AGENDA

  1. Certify Quorum

In attendance: David T, Mark W, Aaron W, Sharon S, Kathryn W, Byron D

  1. Call to Order

Called 1830 EST

  1. Approval of Previous Minutes Annual Meeting– (January 8, 2017) Passed
  2. Consent Agenda: NA
  3. Financials
  4. Report: Mark. Discussion if needed. Motion to approve budget by Sharon S, 2nd by Aaron W, Passed.
  5. Old Business
  6. Landscaping: Sprinklers have been installed. Next phase is to remove trees or replace fence. Mark Lemmenes strongly suggested that we NOT remove the trees. After looking over the area he said that they do not impact the Tennis Court as we had thought, and the chances that they would fall there are not that great. Discussion

Motion to Not remove trees and move forward replacing fence sections at East main entry and repair two sections West of rear North entry made by Kathryn W, 2nd by Mark W.

Motion to amend by Sharon S, 2nd by Kathryn W, limiting cost of fencing replacement and repair not to exceed $500 total materials and labor.  Motion passed as amended. David T to make contact of contractor.

  1. Tennis Court Screens: Laurie. Many screens need to be replaced. Discussion.
  2. Pool Area: David. We need new back flow preventers installed a t the pool area. This will cost $300, need motion and approval. Discussion.

Aaron W motioned to approve $300, 2nd by Mark W. Passed.

  1. Legal Council: David. Meeting went extremely well. Discussion
  2. New Business
  3. CC&Rs. David, Sharon, Kathy. We have submitted our CC&Rs, cover letter, and ballot for the Lawyer to review before we send them out. The costs are as follows: Printing 135 copies=$110, large envelopes=$35, printed address labels=$45. Total=$190. Postage will be on top of that figure. Discussion for plan and timeline. David T motioned, 2nd by Sharon S to approve up to $500 in cost associated with notary services. Passed
  4. Annual Dues and Meeting. What will be the dues for this year? Discussion. To be discussed next meeting
  5. New Board Members Needed: We need to start recruiting NOW for new people to be on the Board. We have three openings: Dave’s, Michael’s, and Mark’s.
  6. Annual Meeting: Monday May 7th.
  7. Miscellaneous and Lot Concerns
  8. Lot Concerns: None at this time.
  9. Items from Board Members: These will be placed on next months’ agenda.
  10. Next Meeting

Next “SIT DOWN” meeting:

Date:                    March 5, 2018, 6:30 to 7:30, Discussion.

Where?               David’s house

  1. Guest Forum: I will be happy to stay after the meeting to meet with guests to discuss other items that were not on the agenda. The items brought up will be placed on next months’ agenda if needed.

Adjournment Adjourned 2020 EST




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