IMPORTANT: CC&R must be completed by all residents; Free notary at pool Saturday, March 10, 10a-2p

Secret Woods poll

We must recertify our CC&Rs or lose our status as a homeowner’s association, which would mean losing ALL amenities, including the pool.  Be sure to turn your ballot in by Saturday, March 5. Read on for all the details.

That would also mean that we would lose ALL of our amenities including the following:

  • Pool would be shut down and covered over
  • Tennis court would be closed
  • All utilities to common grounds would be shut off, including the lighting at the mail boxes
  • Lawn mowing and maintenance of common grounds, perimeter fences, and retention pond areas would be cancelled
  • Pond fountains would be shut down
  • Basketball pole and backboard would have to be removed

Here are the revised CCRs for your review.  The only substantive change made was increasing the initial capital contribution from $100 to $800, which was an amendment we voted on in 2006.


It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that every homeowner vote on the attached ballot and sign the form before a notary public.  You may find a notary at your workplace or a bank, or here at Secret Woods on Saturday, March 10 from 10am to 2pm at the pool.  If you need help or assistance in finding a notary, contact SWHOA President David Theus at (904) 730-3387 or at

Once you have voted the ballot, please send only the completed notarized ballot and coupon to:

Secret Woods Homeowners Association

7431 Secret Woods Drive

Jacksonville, FL  32216

Or call one of the following people and we will come by your house to pick it up:  David Theus (730-3387), Kathy Williams (731-2097), Sharon Snow(619-7118) or Byron DeLong (733-0121).  PLEASE RETURN YOUR VOTED AND NOTARIZED BALLOT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

A notary will be present  Saturday, March 10 from 10am to 2pm at the pool for your convenience.  The notary will be paid by HOA funds. You will not be charged an extra fee.

The first 50 people to turn in their ballots by mail and/or by showing up to have their ballots notarized will have their names placed in a drawing for a $100 gift card.

A public meeting must be held to record the vote before a court reporter.  A notice will be given of the date, time, and location of this meeting.

Legal Q&A

Q) Why are we reviving our CCRs?

A) CCRs and bylaws are the governing documents for the SWHOA to preserve and maintain the amenities in our neighborhood, such as the swimming pool, the tennis court, the ponds, and landscaping and signs at the two entrances. Under the Marketable Record Title Act, CCRs expire after 30 years.

Q) What changes were made to the CCRs?

A) The organizing committee obtained a digital copy of our neighborhood’s original CCRs, deleted most of the references to the original builder (which seemed to be no longer relevant), corrected occasional typos and mis-spellings, changed the initial capital contribution from $100 to $800 (Article IV, Section 1) in accordance with the August 2006 amendment, and changed the order of a few things. Only the change to the initial capital contribution, which was previously voted on by affected homeowners and ratified in August 2006, is a substantive change.  NO OTHER SUBSTANTIVE CHANGES WERE MADE.  The revised CCRs were then reviewed by an attorney for legal sufficiency.


  1. Q) May I review the original CCRs side-by-side with the revised CCRs, so I know what was changed and what was not changed?
  2. A) Contact organizing committee member Sharon Snow, who can e-mail you the original CCRs and the revised CCRs in Microsoft Word format. Microsoft Word has a Document Compare feature that allows you to review two documents side-by-side and determine what changes were made.



David Theus

SWHOA President



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