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Are there any restrictions in the neighborhood when it comes to things like boats in driveways, sheds, etc.?

Yes. Secret Woods owners agree to abide by the neighborhood’s bylaws and covenants when they buy a home in the neighborhood. Signs announcing the bylaws and covenants are posted at each neighborhood entrance. A copy is also on file with the city. Prospective residents should ask their realtor for a copy of the bylaws and covenants before buying a home to make sure they have no objections. A copy is also available on this Web site by clicking here.

A note to realtors and title companies
The Secret Woods board is always willing to help prospective homeowners. You can e-mail requests for information. But remember the Secret Woods board and Web site is made up of volunteers. Any request should include at least three weeks for response time. A list of current board members is available by clicking here.

When is garbage picked up?
The City of Jacksonville picks up curbside garbage once a week on Mondays.

How about recycling?
Secret Woods is included in the city’s recycling program. Place your blue recycling container out at the same time as your garbage. If you need a container you can obtain one through the city. Just visit the city’s recycling guide Webpage for more information. To go directly to the site click here.

How do I dispose of my lawn clippings, dead branches and other lawn refuse?
The city picks up clippings and other lawn refuse on Tuesdays.

How can I get a key to the neighborhood pool and community center?
Contact Wayne or Debbie Williams.  Their number is listed in the resident directory.

How much is the yearly maintenance fee and when is it due?

The yearly maintenance fee is $350. It is due in May. Notices are mailed with the necessary information.

How do I get my utilities set up?

Contact JEA, which handles electricity, water and sewer.

What about landline telephone service?

AT&T may be contacted by clicking here.

Who is the local cable provider?

Comcast may be contacted by clicking here. If you are considering satellite instead of cable, remember that dish placement MUST be approved by the board.  Given our location, indoor antennas also do an excellent job of pulling in free over-the-air HDTV.

What about broadband Internet service?

Comcast and AT&T offer high speed access.

I’ve got a few questions about the neighborhood in general. Where should I start?

– If you want to know what’s allowed and what’s not, read our neighborhood covenants.
– If you would like to look up a neighbor’s phone number or address try our neighborhood directory.
– If you would like to learn more about the history of Secret Woods click here.

I’ve got a lot of questions about the Jacksonville area. Where should I start?

We’ve put together a comprehensive list for you.  Enjoy the exploration.


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