Secret Woods 2017 Luminaria Night set for Dec. 16

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Secret Woods is getting ready for the holidays.  You’ll find the details in the November board minutes.
Secret Woods Homeowners Association Board Meeting

Monday, November 6, 2017, Time: 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Host David Theus, 3125 Chapelwood Lane

1. Certify Quorum David T, Aaron W, Kathryn W, Sharron S, Mark W, Garry B, enough for Quorum
2. Call to Order
3. Approval of Previous Minutes Annual Meeting– (October 9, 2017) Approved
4. Consent Agenda:
5. Financials
A. Report: Mark. Discussion if needed.
6. Old Business
A. Plumbing Problems: David. Hulihan made the repair to pipes instead of replacing all the way to the street. Saved over half the estimate. Discussion.
B. Landscaping: Projects & Estimates report. Continued discussion. East entrance work on mound to begin this week.
C. Hurricane Damage Update: David & Erin. Discussion.
D. Luminaria. Sharon. Bags and candles have been acquired. We will meet next month to assemble and distribute. Discussion for where, when (Dec. 9th), and how. David will map out areas. December 4th is the corrected meeting date for assembly of luminaries by board. Luminaria night will be Saturday, December 16th. Aaron W motioned 2nd by Kathryn W for reimbursement to Sharron S. for luminaria supplies. Amount typical of past years.
E. Legal Council: David. Need motion and approval for funds to consult with our Attorney. Discussion
Mark W motioned 2nd by Aaron W to approve up to $500 for legal fees.
F. Award Committee. In progress. Judges to be Aaron W, Julie C, and Katherine F with Velma Millinger as an alternate.
7. New Business
A. Pool Repair: The OTHER valves inside need to be replaced. Discussion
B. Architectural Committee. They are looking at several items.
C. A BIG Thank You to Kaleb: Every year kaleb hooks up a long bed trailer and gives all the children a ride on Halloween night. He drives down every street and lets the kids off to visit all the houses on the street. Then continues to each and every street in the neighborhood so the kids can be safe and protected. THANK YOU Kaleb for this wonderful act of kindness on your part.
8. Miscellaneous and Lot Concerns
A. Lot Concerns: Several letters had to be sent to some residents. I have confidence they will help us out.
The board urges those with streetlamp issues to use the online reporting tool on JEA website. Be sure to include address of pole. All streetlamp polls have their own address number.
B. Items from Board Members: These will be placed on next months’ agenda.
Possible security cameras for recreation area.
9. Next Meeting
Next “SIT DOWN” meeting:
Date: January 8th, 2018, 6:30 to 7:30, Discussion.
Where? David’s house
10. Guest Forum: I will be happy to stay after the meeting to meet with guests to discuss other items that were not on the agenda. The items brought up will be placed on next months’ agenda if needed.

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